Healthy Relationships 101 Audiobook

healthy relationships 101 audiobook cover webHealthy Relationships 101: Audiobook

by The Relationship Foundation
Narrated by Nya Gregor Fleron


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“I recommend the book as a guide to bringing kindness and empathy into focus of what is really important in our interactions with others.”

- Jim Sporleder, Principal of Lincoln High, Featured in the documentary Paper Tigers

The Relationship Foundation has published a book that covers many of the subjects in our curriculum and guidebook. The book builds awareness of the challenges we face in all of our relationships: with friends, family, co-workers, and significant others. It offers solutions to creating ease and harmony in all of these relationships.

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More about Healthy Relationships 101: The Book

Do relationships have to be so difficult? Maybe not. Don’t we all want to be more satisfied in our relationships with everyone in our life? Friends, family, co-workers, couples, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, these are the relationships that we value most. When we look at the news, what do we see? Endless stories about how we’re all getting along? No! Most of what we see is about all the fighting and the disruption in our world. We can choose to be a part of that or we can choose to have relationships that flourish harmoniously.
If you drive a car, you bring it in for a tune-up. You take care of your health with check-ups. Where do you go for a relationship check-up? This book is about cultivating and sustaining healthy, thriving, fulfilling and meaningful relationships. The key to this is greater awareness. And it doesn’t have to be so difficult.