Teen Speak

The Teen Speak videos show high school students discussing how building Healthy Relationships has influenced their lives and helped them develop their critical thinking, empathy, and respect.

High school students Nick Perrelli and Maye cover the topics we teach in our Healthy Relationships 101 curriculum and class program. The students came to The Relationship Foundation's office and helped write and plan the videos.

Nick Perrelli, a student from City-As-School, starts off our "Teen Speak" series with a discussion of the difference between Happy and Healthy relationships

City-As-School student, Nick Perrelli, continues our "Teen Speak" series with a discussion on needs and feelings. He explores how identifying our needs and feelings and clearly articulating our needs and feelings can lead to more harmonious relations with everybody in our lives.

Next, Nick Perrelli takes an in-depth look into what empathy is - and what is not. With help from Founder and Executive Director Michael Jascz and General Manager Mike Carlino, Nick shows examples of empathy blockers and some strategies to avoid them.

City-As-School student, Nick, continues his "Teen Speak" series with a post about suicide. He explores the causes, effects, and what can be done about it. Nick talks about ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and its relation to child development and suicide.

Teenage suicide: it's not going to go away unless we take action. We must take proactive steps, City-As-School student, Nick Perrelli, explains.