“Given that we’ve discovered how to send a man to the moon but haven’t figured out how to get along any better than we do among ourselves, nothing is more important in these times than that we learn how to form and maintain quality relationships. Healthy Relationships 101 provides tools that all of us need in order to bond in meaningful and healthy ways with others. Especially for our young people, this is truly a much-needed gift.”

— Marianne Williamson, Author, Speaker, Former Presidential Candidate

“Healthy Relationships 101 provides a rare glimpse of the potential that lies within all of us to have healthy and fulfilling relationships with everyone. It couldn’t be more timely. ”

— Deepak Chopra, Author, Lecturer

“Of all the subjects in the curricula of educational institutions from kindergarten through graduate schools, social institutions from religious communities, as well as corporations, relationship education is the missing component, yet universally valued. This book not only addresses this fact but has done something about it by teaching this subject in schools and organizations. Hopefully, essential relationship skills will be common knowledge as a result of this work. ”

— Harville Hendrix, Ph.D and Helen Lakelly, Ph.D , Authors, Workshop Leaders