The missing component in our education.

Healthy Relationships 101 teaches students a dynamic set of social skills that cultivate character development and support thriving and healthy relationships in all areas of student's lives. Topics include:


     • Effective Communication Tools

     • Bullying Prevention

     • Empathy

     • Healthy Boundaries

     • Media Influence on Relationships

     • Identifying and Avoiding Abusive Relationships

     • Communication Technology and Relationships

     • Texting and Interpersonal Communication


In-class assignments, interactive coursework and journaling on the subjects listed above help students discover how to define relationships based on their core values. All classes and programs are conducted in a safe and supportive environment.


Click HERE or on the preview below to download a FREE sample of the Healthy Relationships 101 Table of contacts and Empathy Session.


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The missing component in our education.

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