We spend at least 12 years preparing for a career. How much time do we spend preparing for a relationship, any relationship?


w2 Our mission is to build a stronger, more peaceful society by ensuring that Relationship Education becomes a core component of the learning process.

Our Vision

w1We envision a society where healthy and fulfilling relationships are built on proven communication skills that lead to greater respect, understanding, and empathy.  This is achieved by raising widespread awareness about the need for Social and Emotional Learning and its implementation in the education process through a national referendum.

Key To Our Success

The Relationship Foundation is an educational initiative that incorporates Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (SEL) in New York City high schools. We use a process called “Nonviolent Communication” (NVC) that gives one the tools to identify and articulate their needs and feelings without blaming others. We also teach an approach to empathy that makes it possible to listen to another person without thinking of what to say in response. The empathy process is simple, yet effective (see below). Students and teachers alike, point to the empathy work and building a vocabulary of needs and feelings as having had the most impact on them. For more information on NVC, go to http://www.cnvc.org/ For free monthly intros and workshops on NVC in NYC, go to http://nycnvc.org/

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